Design Management Group: Life enhancing design that nurtures a sense of purpose & human connection.

DMG is a firm that integrates interior architecture, project management, and curated procurement to create great environments

I think design is really about vision. Long before colors and finishes are selected a space’s program is developed. During the programatic phase of design intense thought is given to both how a client works and what the needs are for all of the people that will work or experience the space. A great design process is opportunity to change the way you work and improve the customer experience.

Good design is not unlike setting the table. A wonderful dinner is more often than not part of an entire experience. The food is important but there are other components like the people, the table setting, the view, the mood of the room. At DMG our healthcare and workplace practices are based around the idea that design needs to address both the functional and the needs of the whole person. Healing, community, and productivity are the outcomes of thoughtful, successful design process.

The right quality of light, connections to the natural, well chosen finishes, & appropriate furniture all set the stage for life to happen in the best possible way. Life and the world will be forever uncertain but well designed spaces can and do provide the chance for people to experience momentary comfort, security, and highest level human thinking and engagement.

DMG aspires to the idea that our client's style is our style.

Rather than a single inspiration, we try to engage with our clients to develop a design vision for each project. Sometimes the vision has been based on a particular location in the world, or an inspiring picture, or even the love of a particular color. As a firm we welcome and encourage the use of original art and custom built furniture and fixtures. We try to avoid a cookie cutter apptroach to design by using an interesting mix of materials and manufacturer's with each project.

Our designs look towards the future but do so in a way that the spaces feel warm and welcoming. Good space needs to feel relateable and commercial design needs to speak to range of different people. We have identified with healing design movement from our founding and our now trying to incorporate some of these same practices in our workplace projects.