In 2001, one man had a mission to make healthcare beautiful.

The result is a Diverse family-like team delivering outstanding projects through the efficient integration of interior architecture, project management,& procurement.

DMG invites clients to think about how can we use design to transform and improve the way they do business.

The idea of a beautiful doctor's office was an oxymoron when DMG started. Many in the healthcare field were focused on low cost and little thought was being given to how design can improve the overall experience for patient and staff alike. At the same the meta trend of the customer experience was beginning to take hold across multiple vertical markets. Before Starbucks coffee was sold in a commoditized way, for many it did not matter if it was bought at a gas station or McDonalds. Starbucks introduced a new concept — higher quality coffee delivered in a friendly cool designed environment. The design materials were not expensive and the space was inviting. 

Since then, DMG has been blessed with great people and wonderful clients. We are not afraid to try new things in the effort to better serve our clients. We value flexibility and excel at adapting to client's with unique needs. We like to work from the same side of the table as our clients on a project and see our office as an extension of our clients's business. Instead of being an outside firm, our clients come to feel like we are part of their team. This approach helps build trust and also allows us to grow with our clients.

After 15 years, the man has become a strong team that invites clients to return again and again.

DMG has from the beginning always been very relationship driven. Our clients have all come to us by referral and many become repeat clients as they move or expand.

DMG covers a wide range of client needs: Site selection, space planning, interior architecture, interior design, budgeting, contractor selection, owner’s representation project management, finishes and furniture procurement